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0603 Infrared Beads Description

0603 infrared lamp beads have a series of advantages such as small size, low power consumption, and good directionality. Widely used in remote control, telemetry, optical isolation, optical switching, photoelectric control, target tracking, and other systems. It has the characteristics of low power consumption and small size; Infrared emission tubes are invisible, invisible to the human eye. Commonly used infrared LED lamp beads have a shape similar to that of ordinary LED lamp beads. Reducing the pulse duty ratio can also greatly increase the emission distance of low-power infrared emission tubes. The power of common infrared lamp beads is divided into three categories: small power (1mW~10mW), medium power (20mW~50mW), and high-power LED (50mW~100mW or above). When using infrared light beads with different powers, corresponding power drive tubes should be configured. To generate modulated light from an infrared lamp bead, it is only necessary to apply a pulse voltage of a certain frequency to the drive tube.

When infrared light beads are used to emit infrared rays to control the controlled equipment, there are corresponding infrared photoelectric conversion elements in the controlled equipment, such as infrared receiving diodes, photodiodes, etc.

There are two ways to use infrared emitting tubes and infrared receiving tubes, one is direct down type, and the other is reflective type. The straight down type refers to that the light emitting tube and the receiving tube are placed opposite each other at both ends of the transmitter and the controlled object, with a certain distance between them; Reflective type refers to the placement of light emitting tubes and receiving tubes side by side. The receiving tubes usually do not emit light, only the infrared light emitted by the light emitting tubes. When light meets a reflector, the receiver tube will only work when it receives reflected infrared rays.