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The most intuitive role of the LED human body sensing lamp developed and designed based on the working principle of human infrared ray in use is:

1. Not bright in full bloom or in strong sunlight.

2. When the light is dark at night, the lamps are in standby mode.

3. In standby mode, when the human body enters the sensing range, the LED human body sensing lamp lights up.

"If someone moves within its range, the light will remain on.".

5. When a person leaves, the LED body sensing light will automatically turn off within 60 seconds.

The advantage of this intelligent lamp is that it turns on when people come and off when people go. With the mature application of LED light sources, LED human body sensing lamps use LED as the light source, combined with the design of human body sensing devices, adding strong green energy-saving characteristics.

Characteristics of LED human body sensing lamp

Integrated design, intelligent lighting.

The LED light source, infrared sensor, photosensitive control system, and lamps are integrated to achieve "the light turns on when people come, and the light turns off when people go.".

Sensitive response, energy saving and environmental protection.

At night or when the light is dim, it automatically turns on when someone moves within the sensing range, and delays turning off when someone leaves or stops moving. This process requires no manual switching, no noise, and is more environmentally friendly.

High efficiency, energy saving, long service life, and stable performance.

4W is equivalent to an incandescent bulb above 40W, which is highly efficient and energy-saving, with long LED service life and stable performance