Becoming an LED packaging enterprise with high core value


1. High power LED lamp bead packaging (imitation lumen, Lambert type)

2.99% double gold wire welding

3. Suitable for manual welding/low-temperature solder paste and lead-free reflow soldering

4. Suitable for low-voltage DC operation, more safe

5. Instant Start

Main uses of security LED lamp beads:

1. Monitoring camera light

Special light sources such as medical lamps, beauty instruments, and physiotherapy instruments

3. VR. AR, virtual reality and other products

Anti static LED lamp beads: Static electricity or high voltage can damage the lamp beads. When using lamp beads, it is recommended to wear antistatic rings or gloves; When welding with a soldering iron, the machine should be grounded; All driving equipment must be grounded to ensure that the lamp bead voltage is within the normal range; When the heat dissipation lamp beads are energized, the greater the current used, the greater the heat generated by the security LED lamp beads; And too high a temperature can damage the lamp beads, requiring reasonable control of the current; It is necessary to install heat sinks and radiators, and control the temperature of LED lamp bead substrate at 40~60 ℃.

Precautions for using security LED lamp beads: When removing the lamp beads, please remove the lamp beads from the side. It is strictly prohibited to press or squeeze the surface of the lamp beads (which may damage the LED light source); Try to avoid touching the surface of the lamp beads with your hands to prevent contamination of the lamp beads, which may affect the optical effect or damage the LED light source.

According to different working principles, security LED lamp bead systems can be divided into infrared, microwave, laser, sound detection, and other categories. Among them, infrared security systems are relatively mature in technology and occupy an important position in the entire security field. In infrared security systems, infrared cameras are one of the most common devices. As we all know, infrared cameras are used to capture images, and the quality of lighting directly affects the quality of the camera, which in turn affects the effectiveness of security. Therefore, the lighting system (usually infrared LED light source) in infrared thermal imagers is very important. However, precisely because this safety LED lighting system is installed in infrared camera equipment, its design and development are greatly different from ordinary LED lighting systems (referring to white LED lighting). The main function of an ordinary security LED lamp bead system is lighting, and its design is less affected by external factors; The infrared security LED lamp bead LED lighting system is subject to many limitations of the entire infrared device, and the innovation space is relatively narrow. For example, the input voltage of the infrared camera is about 12V, making it possible to provide the same voltage to the LED chip; For example, in order to meet the needs of security, the structure of infrared cameras is relatively small, and the space reserved for LED lighting systems is also very narrow. The size design and heat dissipation issues are prominent. This difference has led to a large number of mature technologies in ordinary white LED lighting systems that cannot be directly transplanted to the security infrared field.