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Advantages of led lamp beads for automobiles

With the advancement of the market, the market scale of LED lamp beads for vehicles is becoming larger and larger. LED lamp beads use their characteristics to design various types of lightweight and compact lamps, providing space for car styling and driving design. Changes in technology and design style.

LED lamp beads are widely used in automotive lighting; As a car headlight, LED lamp beads only need low-voltage DC power to light up, with small load and strong anti-interference; So what are the advantages of using LED lamp beads in cars?
① Small size of LED lamp beads: This is a huge advantage of LED lamp beads. More creative automotive products.
② Energy saving and low cost: LED lamp beads have high luminous efficiency. In cars, the energy consumption of LED beads for the same daytime running lights is only 1/20 of that of halogen lamps.
③ Good durability: LED components have a simple structure, excellent impact resistance, seismic resistance, and are not easily broken, and can well adapt to various environments.
④ Ultra Long Life: LED lamp beads are semiconductor components that are different from incandescent lamps. No vulnerable moving parts such as glass and tungsten wires, extremely low failure rate, and maintenance free. LED lamp beads are an important component of automotive tail lights, high mounted brake lights, and daytime running lights.