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What are the advantages of LED light sources

(1) Long working life: As a conductive solid-state light emitting device, LEDs have a longer working life than other light emitting bodies. Its brightness half-life can typically reach 100000 hours. If LEDs are used instead of traditional lights, their lifespan will be much longer than that of the vehicle body, and they will not require maintenance and replacement for a lifetime.

(2) Low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage operating device, so at the same brightness, it consumes less power, which can greatly reduce energy consumption. On the contrary, with the development of technology and materials in the future, its luminous efficiency will be higher. It has been calculated that if all lighting fixtures in Japan were replaced with LEDs, two large power plants could be reduced, which would be very beneficial to environmental protection.

(3) Fast response time: LEDs can generally respond within tens of milliseconds (ns), so they are a signaling device that other light sources cannot match. Using LED as a high mounted brake light improves the stability of the vehicle during high-speed driving.

(4) Small size, light weight, and impact resistance: These are inherent characteristics of semiconductor solid-state devices. Color LEDs can be used to produce various clear and delicate display devices.

(5) Easy to adjust light and tone, high controllability: As a light emitting device, LEDs can control brightness through changes in current flow, and can also be configured to achieve color change and adjustment. LEDs of different wavelengths. Therefore, light sources or display screens composed of LEDs can easily be electronically controlled to meet the needs of various applications, while compatibility with IC computers is more difficult. In addition, the application of LED light sources is not limited by smell in principle, with strong plasticity and can be arbitrarily extended to achieve building block assembly. Currently, large screen color displays are no exception to LEDs.

(6) The light source made of LED does not contain environmental pollutants such as mercury and lead, and does not pollute the environment. Therefore, it is well deserved that people call LED light sources "green" light sources.