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What is LED piranha lamp beads

Light emitting diode (LED) piranha lamp beads are one of many LED packages. The shape is mainly square and packaged with colloidal transparent resin. There are four pins, one LED lamp bead, and one pin is missing from the negative electrode. LED piranha lamp beads are astigmatic LED lamp beads with a luminous angle greater than 120 degrees, high luminous intensity, and can withstand greater power. Car brake lights and turn signals are widely used for piranha lamp beads. In the United States, it is commonly referred to as Eagle Eye (extended LED). It is said that this kind of LED lamp bead immediately attracted everyone's attention as soon as it was born, and its development trend is as fierce as piranha, hence its name. Another theory is that its shape resembles the Amazon piranha.

1. Among low-power LED lamp beads, LED piranha lamp beads are the brightest, but compared to high-power lamp beads 1W, 3W, and 5W, LED piranha lamp beads also use advertising text on the lighting module even if the brightness is not large. However, each LED lamp bead has its own purpose, and you cannot just look at the brightness comparison. People unfamiliar with LED beads will blindly compare brightness, while those familiar with LED beads will only look at parameter matching, consistency, chips, and so on. It is best to use 10MM LED or 1W high-power LED beads for small angles. But piranhas don't have too small angles. LED piranha lamp bead packaging process: LED piranha lamp bead packaging has its particularity. The first step is to select a bracket for the LED's piranha lamp beads. According to each piranha tube, several LED chips need to be placed, and the shape, size, and depth of the concave bowl in the piranha bracket need to be determined.
2. When using the bracket, it should be cleaned and the LED chip fixed in the bracket bowl. After drying, solder the two electrodes of the LED chip, and then select the corresponding tube core according to the number of chips and the light angle. Fill the mold with glue, align the piranha bracket welded to the LED chip with the mold, and pour it into the mold. After drying (drying) the glue, release the mold. It is then placed on a cutting mold and tested and classified. The technical specifications of LED piranha lamp beads are the same as those of other packaged LEDs. When packaging multiple chips on a piranha, consideration should be given to the associated thermal resistance, reducing it as much as possible to extend its service life. Because LED Piranha has four legs, it is necessary to leave four holes on the LED piranha lamp beads in order to install them on the PCB. Because the two electrodes of the LED lamp beads are connected to the four legs, the two legs are connected to one electrode. During installation, confirm which two legs are positive and which one is negative, and then design the PCB. The shapes of piranha lamp bead packaging molds are also diverse, including φ 3mm round head φ 5mm round head, concave flat head, etc. According to the requirements of light angle, a variety of packaging molds can be selected. Application of LED Piranha Lamp Beads: LED Piranha Lamp Beads have attracted increasing attention due to their advantages such as good heat dissipation, large viewing angle, low light attenuation, and long service life. Piranha Red LED Piranha. LED piranha lamp beads are very suitable for making line lights, backlight light boxes, and large slot light sources. Due to the general use of line lights as contour lights in urban high-rise buildings, a light box advertising screen with backlight lights and large font lights is installed at high places. If the LED light is not on or dim, maintenance is very difficult. Due to the good heat dissipation of LED piranha φ Compared to 5mm ordinary LED lamp beads, they have small light attenuation and long service life, which can save considerable maintenance costs. It can be seen that the personality ratio of piranha lamp beads is very high.