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How to distinguish between in-line LED lamp beads and LED chip lamp beads

First of all, let's take a look at the characteristics of LED lamp beads. The angle of LED lamp beads is very small, the light is relatively concentrated, and the range is far, but the irradiation range is limited. LED patches generally have a large angle, light scattering, and a wide exposure range, but the range is relatively short. LED beads use discharge to emit light, while LED patches use cold light to emit light.

In contrast, what are the advantages of self-adhesive stickers? LED patches are also a type of LED lamp beads. Common LEDs have two or four pins, some without pins, and the pins are soldered close to the copper foil of the circuit board, all of which are the same. The key to selecting a lamp bead is to consider color temperature, color rendering index, light efficiency, light attenuation, and the quality of the power supply. Buy these things with better quality.

What is the difference between them? There are many chip forms of LED lamp beads, mainly formulated considering the heat dissipation forms of various power supplies.
What are the advantages of in-line LED lamp beads? COB in LED lights. The shape of LED beads has undergone online and patching. With the advancement of technology, multiple LED light emitting chips are highly integrated, and it is natural to package them directly on the substrate. Integrated design of circuit and heat dissipation., Form a compact, high-power, ultra-high power LED light emitting element, which is called "COB"&# 40. It looks like a lamp bead, but it's actually a set of lamp beads.

As for patches, what are their advantages? Integrated LED is generally a nickname for COB light sources in the market, but in fact it cannot clearly describe the characteristics of COB light sources.. COB refers to chip on board, which directly packages low-power chips on an aluminum substrate for rapid heat dissipation. Small chip area, high heat dissipation efficiency, and low driving current. Therefore, it has low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and high heat dissipation. Compared with ordinary SMD low-power light sources, it features higher brightness and low thermal resistance.

If the lamp is on, it means that the function of the lamp beads is basically normal. If the indicator does not illuminate, replace the red and black test leads, and then test again. In order to avoid some lamp beads having negative and positive electrodes opposite to those of ordinary lamp beads. Open the lamp beads and observe whether the color and color temperature of the lamp beads meet the requirements. Whether the brightness is appropriate. Select the appropriate lamp beads. Therefore, we found that both of them have their own advantages.