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LED Beads Models and Differentiation Techniques
There are various types and specifications of LED lamp beads: There are too many types of LED lamp beads, including in-line and chip mounted, as well as high-power lamp beads. The current of the lamp beads ranges from tens of milliamperes to a few amperes, and the voltage is relatively consistent, most of which are at 3:00 volts. There is no way to generalize. Roughly speaking, according to packaging, it can be divided into in-line type, patch type, and piranha type. According to power, it can be divided into large, medium, and small power high-power white LEDs. The power of a single LED has reached 10W, the voltage is 3.3v, the current is 3A, and the voltage of a low-power red LED (such as the common 5MM in-line) is 2v, and the current is 15mA. If the component model cannot be found, the operating voltage can be inferred based on the light color: red light 1.8~2.2v, yellow light 2.0~2.4v, green light 2.2~2.8v, blue light 2.8~3.5v, and white light 2.8~3.5v. The chip packages are small power transistors such as 0805, 1206, and the operating current is generally 10 mA, but there are exceptions; The SMD package includes small power transistors such as 3014, 3528, and 3535, with a working current of generally 20 to 50 mA, but there are exceptions; The SMD package is made of medium power transistors such as 5050, 5060, and 5630, with a working current of generally 50 to 150mA, but there are also exceptions; High power LEDs are all SMD packaged, with significant differences in parameters between different companies and brands; However, small power in-line LED lamp beads with a nominal 1W operating current of 350mA are generally classified into types based on their diameter. Regardless of the diameter, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, their operating voltage and current colors are the same: red light, yellow light 1.7 to 2.1V, white light, blue light, warm white light, pink light, purple light 2.8 to 3.6V, and green light 2.6 to 3.4VLED lamp beads have various specifications: 1, 0.06W, voltage 2.5 to 3.5V, and current 20mA. 2. 0.5W, voltage 2.5-3.77V, current 150mA. 3. 1W, voltage 2.79-3.99V, current 350mA. 4. 3W, voltage 3.05-4.47V, current 700mA. 5. 5W, voltage 3.16-4.88V, current 1000mA. The current of the lamp bead 1W: 320-350mA, and the selected driver generally selects a current of 300mA. The chip sizes include 30mil, 35mil, 40mil, and 45mil. The current of the lamp bead 3W: 700mA, the drive generally is 600mA, and the chip size is 45mil. The voltage of 1W3W is between 3.0-3.6V, and 3.2-3.4V is better. As for the 5W microcontroller, our company has not yet produced it, so we do not know the specific parameters. Chips typically exceed 50 million. Generally, LED beads used for lighting range from 0.5w to 5w, with a working voltage of about 3-3.2V. What are the parameters of white LED 1 watt lamp beads? Our general design is 3.6-4.2V, 0.2-0.3A. There are many 15W lamp beads now, you can refer to them. For example, CREMCE, CRET6. Voltage: 3.2-3.6v, current: 300-350ma, luminous flux: 100-120 lumens, color temperature: white light 6000-7000K The method for distinguishing LED beads is as follows:
1. Look at the brightness, that is, look at the brightness driving current of 350mA and the voltage between 3.0-3.6V. The higher the brightness, the better.
2. Look at the chip brand and size. Brands include NICHIA, CREE, Purui, Xuming, Jingdian, New Century, etc. The higher the front-end, the better, and the larger the chip, the better.
3. Look at BIN, which means color temperature division and voltage division. The finer the BIN, the better.
4. To see the attenuation, it is necessary to perform an aging test. The smaller the light attenuation, the better.
5. Look at practical applications, such as if there are suitable and inexpensive lenses and aluminum substrates on the market. If it is necessary to open the lens and aluminum substrate, the investment will be relatively large, with 1W of high-power, current: 350ma, voltage: 2.8-4.0V, brightness: 80-130LM, color temperature: 3000-12000K.