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What are the reasons for the power consumption and short life of LED lamp beads?

The reason why LED lamps consume electricity and have a short lifespan is actually due to improper usage habits.

The service life of an LED lamp is about 100000 hours, which is about ten years (365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 8760 hours a year, 100000 hours is about 11 years). So why did the LED lights we used break down after only three to five years?

Question 1: Quality. Not all LED packaging manufacturers can achieve absolute dust-free, and a small amount of dust can cause lamp beads to overload and burn out.

Problem 2: Driver. LED emitters have a lifetime of 100000 hours, while starters do not have such a long lifetime. When the starter is broken, we will assume that the LED light is broken.

Problem 3: Save electricity. Strictly speaking, it is energy-saving. LED lamps have high luminous efficiency and can emit the same brightness, saving more power. (Some people may say that their monthly electricity bills are high - but this is not the case, because with the improvement of living standards and quality of life, consumption levels are also rising.)

Problem 4: Power consumption. Does the style of the lamp affect power consumption? It does not affect power consumption, but it affects light transmittance and brightness.
(1) With the lamp mouth facing upward, the luminous lamp illuminates the ceiling, reducing its brightness;
(2) Glass frosted lampshade, light exposure will be affected and there will be spots.

Shenzhen LED lamp bead manufacturer, focusing on the LED packaging segment.

3528 dual color temperature patch LED lamp beads, with moisture resistance, anti vulcanization, anti dead light, good heat dissipation, and low light attenuation characteristics; The lamp bead is made of a wafer chip and packaged with 99.99% pure gold wire. The lamp bead has stable performance and excellent quality; Can be applied to decorative lighting fixtures, LED light strips, table lamps, interior decorative lights, intelligent lighting, small night lights

3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads, Customized LED Beads, Decorative Lamps 3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads Color Temperature: Warm White Light (2653 ± 72k), Positive White Light (6275 ± 255k) 3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads Brightness: Warm White Light (11-13lm), Positive White Light (11-13lm)

3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads Specifications and Dimensions: 3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads Specifications and Dimensions 3528 Dual Color Temperature Patch LED Beads Application Fields: Decorative Lighting Lamps, LED Lamp Bars, Table Lamps, Interior Decorative Lamps, Intelligent Lighting, Night Lights