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3528 Colored Light

-Type: Patch

-Specification: 3528 colored light

-Power: 0.06W, 0.1W, 0.2W, 0.5W

-Number of chips: single core, double core, three core

-Chip brand: wafer

-Luminous angle: 120 °

-Glow color: red/yellow/blue/green/orange

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model colour Waveband (nm) Luminous flux (Lm) Voltage (vf) Angle (deg) Current (mA)
three thousand five hundred and twenty-eight Red light 620-680 1-4 1.8-2.3 120° 20mA
Green light 515-530 2-6 2.8-3.2
Blue light 460-470 0.5-1.5 2.8-3.2
Yellow light 588-595 1-4 1.8-2.3
Orange light 600-610 1-4 1.8-2.3

*The light emitting angle of the LED lamp beads of the vehicle lamp has other angles. Other piranha products can be made without cards. The following products will not be displayed. If you have any requirements, please consult customer service for detailed parameters