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The service life and brightness of LED lamp beads have been improved
To maintain a long life and high brightness of LED lamp beads, the first issues to be solved are: LED lamp bead power supply, LED lamp bead light source, LED lamp bead heat dissipation, and LED lamp bead safety.

1. LED Bead Power Supply

The primary requirement for LED bead power supply is high efficiency. A product with high efficiency has a lower calorific value and higher stability. There are usually two schemes for the power supply: isolated and non isolated; Non isolated designs are limited to dual insulated products, such as replacements for light bulbs, where the LED beads and the entire product are integrated and sealed in non conductive plastic, so there is no risk of electric shock to the end user. The isolation type is a bipolar product, with a relatively large isolation volume and low efficiency. There are many problems with using and installing, and the market prospects for non isolated products are not that great.

2. LED light source

LED light source with patented structure of Taiwan Lumen. The chip is placed on the pins, and the heat generated by the chip nodes directly releases heat through the silver pins. There are qualitative differences in the heat dissipation of chip LED beads, and chip node temperatures do not accumulate, thereby ensuring the good usability of the light source LED beads and ensuring the long life of the light source. The light source is LED beads, with small light attenuation. Although traditional chip mounted LED lamp beads can be connected to the positive and negative electrodes through the gold wire of the chip, the heat generated by the chip is also connected to the silver pin through the gold wire. Heat and electricity are conducted by money, and the accumulation of heat for a long time will directly affect the lifespan of LED lamp beads.
3. Heat dissipation of LED lamp beads

Introducing and applying infrared radiation to fluorescent tubes is an important means to improve the lamp life. In terms of heat dissipation, the heat dissipation of LED light source and power supply are separated without mutual interference, ensuring the rationality of heat dissipation.

There are three modes of heat conduction: convection, conduction, and radiation. In a closed environment, the possibility of convection and conduction is relatively small, and heat is emitted through radiation, which is the focus of consideration for fluorescent tubes.

4. The safety of LED lamp beads mainly refers to PC flame retardant plastic tubes. Because infrared radiation can penetrate PC tubes, the design takes into account the use of LED beads, which can give more consideration to its safety. The use of fully plastic physical insulation ensures absolute safety even when using non isolated power supplies.

LED lamp beads have been developed for quite a long time. From the perspective of energy-saving effect, its future application is quite broad. In addition to energy conservation, its safe and long life use is what we should pay more attention to.