Inline LED lamp beads

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3MM flat head edge less straight insertion lamp bead 160 °

-Type: Inline

-Specification:3MM flat head edge less straight insert lamp beads

-Power: 0.06W, 0.1W, 0.2W, 0.5W

-Number of chips: single core

-Chip brand: wafer

-Luminous angle: 100 ° 120 ° 160 °

-Glow color: red/yellow/blue/green/orange

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model colour Waveband (nm) Brightness (mcd) Voltage (vf) Angle (deg) Current (mA)
3MM flat head edge less straight insert lamp beads Red light 620-680 100-400 1.8-2.3 160° 20mA
Green light 515-530 300-800 2.8-3.2
Blue light 460-470 100-200 2.8-3.2
Yellow light 588-595 100-400 1.8-2.3
Orange light 600-610 100-400 1.8-2.3
Purple light 360-405 10-20 3.0-3.4

*The luminous angle of this lamp bead has other angles. Please consult customer service for detailed parameters